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By Michael C Scheske, DDS, PC
February 26, 2015
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An impacted tooth is a tooth that can't erupt through the gum because it has been blocked or does not have the space to erupt normally. We often hear of wisdom teeth being impacted, but it can happen to any tooth. Sometimes impaction is painless, but it can causes serious oral health problems that may affect the surrounding teeth and gums.Impacted Tooth


Symptoms of an impacted tooth include swelling of the gum, bad breath, and pain around the affected site. You may have difficulty opening your jaw and can even develop a bad taste in your mouth. Impacted teeth can also sometimes cause the surrounding teeth to become misaligned.

If you suspect that your tooth is impacted, visit your dentist for a diagnosis and treatment plan. However, since impaction may sometimes be unnoticeable, your dentist may find the impaction during a routine oral examination before you realize it's there.


When impaction causes pain and infection, your dentist will usually want to extract the tooth. Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are specially trained dentists that specialize in removing impacted teeth since this can sometimes be a more complicated procedure than a normal extraction.

Depending on the type of impaction, the removal of the tooth can take anywhere from five to thirty minutes. Your oral surgeon will discuss anesthesia and sedation options with you so that you are comfortable during the procedure. Once the impacted tooth is removed and the gum has healed, you should not experience any further pain or discomfort.

When to Have Oral Surgery

Many oral surgeons will recommend wisdom tooth extraction before the age of 21 to avoid future problems with impacted wisdom teeth. The surgery is usually less complicated in young adults and the tissues often heal faster. But if your impacted teeth are affecting your overall oral health, your oral surgeon may recommend having them taken out at any age.

If you experience gum pain, earaches, or soreness on one side of your face, ask your dentist to check for an impacted tooth. You may then be referred for oral surgery to remove the impaction. Dr. Michael C. Scheske of Union, MI offers oral surgery to treat a variety of impaction types. Schedule an appointment today to find out if oral surgery is the right option for you.